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Custom Training Solutions

Are you looking for a custom training solution that is tailored to the needs of your specific company or organization?  We can help with that!  We can create custom training plans, custom courses and exercises, and even recurring training on a schedule.  We offer:

Custom Training That Fits Your Needs

    ​Have you ever sent employees to a training, and they came back saying the topics didn’t relate very well to their job or industry? Thankfully many of our classes feature flexible curriculum and can be added to or modified, some even include optional modules already pre-built for this purpose. We put a lot of effort into our classes to ensure they cover topics relevant to students and provide a quality level of training. Additionally, our experience allows us to create completely custom training programs and new curriculum that is specifically tailored to your needs. We can even combine classes together for a more comprehensive training experience. Setting up custom training is easy, and starts with a free consultation to determine your specific needs and desired goals for the training. Contact us today for more information about custom training options!

Custom Recurring Training Services

    ​If you run a company or organization that requires its employees to maintain certifications and licenses like DPSST security, CPR, or anything else, then you know how much of a headache it can be keeping track of it all and ensure compliance. Without a set training schedule employees risk lapsing on their certifications, which means potential liability for the employer, or the potential for employees not being able to work until they become recertified. Training Solutions International can help with that through our Recurring Training Service. We work with you to set up the classes you need to keep your employees certified on a recurring schedule that works for you. Recurring classes can be on a set schedule, or flexibly scheduled within a specific date range to best meet your needs. We can even offer classes at our site or yours. Let us help you decrease liability and ease the burden of maintaining employee certifications. Contact us today for more information about recurring training!

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