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TSI CERT Program Information

​CERT, which stands for Community Emergency Response Team, is a program created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to train everyday people how to help professional responders and their community in an emergency. The Training Solutions International CERT training program is intended to help CERT programs train CERT personnel, certify instructors, and provide consultation to programs just starting up and ones that are seeking advice or assistance. Our training programs are delivered at or above standards established by FEMA and the Emergency Management Institute (EMI). We have also taken the core concepts of the CERT program and adapted them to several other community-based applications to help communities and individuals become more prepared and resilient for emergency or disaster situations.

TSI CERT Instructors

All TSI CERT instructors are active with federally recognized CERT programs, such as Central Aid Agency CERT.  Central Aid Agency CERT is the primary sponsoring program of the TSI CERT Training Program.  A portion of the proceeds from TSI CERT classes goes back to benefit the Central Aid Agency CERT program.

TSI CERT Instructor Cadre

TSI CERT Instructors
TSI CERT Program Logo

TSI CERT Instructors are chosen through a selection process and must be active with a federally recognized CERT program.  Instructors complete a selection process and must successfully complete the TTT course before being signed off as Instructors.  Once they successfully complete the entire process, Instructors are certified and authorized to teach the CERT Basic Training Course.

TSI CERT Master Instructors
TSI CERT Program Logo

TSI CERT Master Instructors are senior CERT Instructors who are trained and certified to teach the TTT and / or Program Manager courses.  Master Instructors must successfully complete a selection process to ensure they are knowledgeable and experienced enough to teach upper level CERT training courses.  Master Instructors are also those who typically lead consulting teams when assisting other CERT programs.

TSI CERT Program Consultation

The TSI CERT Training Program offers program development and consultation services in addition to training.  We have experience starting programs from the ground up, in addition to managing programs and helping them to develop.  Including program implementation & structure, developing polices and procedures, and training personnel.  Our knowledge and experience can help you start your program, or help an existing program grow and be successful.  The more successful programs there are, the more prepared our communities become.

In addition to standard community based and agency sponsored CERT programs, TSI is experienced with the implementation of Campus CERT programs. Campus CERT, or C-CERT, is a variation of the standard CERT model that can be applied to universities and community colleges in order to help respond to emergencies on campus or in the nearby campus community.  Campus CERT can be used to train both faculty, students, and staff alike and is usually implemented under a campus police, public safety, or emergency services department.


In addition to training and consultation, TSI is developing a variety of CERT gear and equipment that will be available through our webstore.   A portion of the proceeds from sales of CERT related items goes to benefit the Central Aid Agency CERT Program.