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Occupational Health & Safety Consulting

Fire Extinguisher Training

Developing a workplace safety or training plan can be a challenge and can result in asking many questions such as: “What kind of training do we need?”, “What needs to be in our worksite first-aid kits?”, “How frequently do we need to refresh or practice our training and safety plans?” Thankfully, we can help answer these questions and more. We offer consulting services that can help workplaces identify their needs in regards to on-site safety plans, first aid equipment, and employee training. We can also help setup ongoing training plans and event assist with exercises and drills of any size. Our training and recommendations are fully compliant with OSHA guidelines for occupational health and safety. Some of the specific things we can do include:

  • Developing workplace emergency plans, including business continuity and safety plans.

  • Developing and implementing workplace training programs for employees.

  • Conducting drills and exercises, both large and small, to help familiarize employees with emergency procedures.

  • Provide training to employees in critical health and safety skills, like CPR and First Aid.

  • Business and employee first aid kit development, selection of contents, and related training.

  • Setting up ongoing training cycles to ensure employees stay up to speed on CPR and First Aid certifications.

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