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Rolling Thunder Operations Airsoft

Rolling Thunder Operations Airsoft

       Rolling Thunder Operations is a program of TSI Outdoors that is focused on airsoft. The mission of RTO is two-fold: Firstly it is to provide airsoft-based simulation training for emergency response personnel as a cheaper alternative to simunitions. Secondly, it is to be involved in the airsoft sport by providing professionally run airsoft games and events, sponsoring teams, and participating in the airsoft community. Through our focus on safety, and our emphasis on professionalism; we hope to create an environment that is safe and enjoyable for all participants.  Because of these core values, Rolling Thunder Operations events are generally only open to participants 18+ years of age, except by special parental waiver.

Types of RTO Events

One of the primary purposes of Rolling Thunder Operations is to provide real world training. Airsoft is often a cheaper alternative to other training analogs such as simunitions. It is especially effective for training force on force, self defense, and tactics for law enforcement, security, and others.


Public Games and Events
Public events can include skirmishes, operations, milsim, and training. These events are held at a variety of fields either managed or contracted by RTO. The events range in intensity from simple skirmish games intended as just for fun games for beginners and veteran players alike; to fully immersive milsim and training experiences that are highly structured and meant to be as realistic as possible.


Private Games and Events
Private games and events are not open to the public, or limitedly open to the public. These games include:

  • Special celebrations

  • Company team building functions

  • Birthday parties

  • Bachelor parties

  • Special games used to train staff or try out new kinds of gameplay or styles.

RTO Game Formats

Skirmishes are short, typically day long or less events, where people get together for basic airsoft fun. Games are quick with simple objectives or based on team elimination.


Operations are longer, often multiple day events, where teams must accomplish specific objectives. Operations are typically based on a schedule and can cover large operational areas. Operations can have multiple levels of complexity, and are objective based, rather than elimination type gameplay.


Milsim, or military simulation, is similar to a reenactment, except the weapons are airsoft replicas instead of actual firearms. Players must meet specific gear and uniform requirements, and gameplay mimics actual military units, locations, time periods, and tactics. Milsim is the most realistic, but also the most complex, form of airsoft.

RTO Teams

RTO Solutions is a Private Military Contractor (PMC) themed airsoft team, and the house team of RTO. Its members participate as both players in games, and as administrators and staff for events.

SG-24 is a Stargate themed airsoft team administrated by Rolling Thunder Operations but operated by C.A.A. Sector 2 as a team building tool.

SPEC FORCE is an RTO Heritage Team that is loosely based on the WWII to Vietnam era style of uniforms and gear. SPEC FORCE was the original founding team of SG-24, and also helped found RTO. They wore primarily Olive Drab BDU’s and were active for over four years before becoming SG-24.