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Practical Survival

Overview Are you wanting to learn new skills or increase your survival knowledge but don't know where to start?  Then Practical Survival is the course for you!  This course was designed with both beginner and intermediate knowledge levels in mind, and covers key techniques for ensuring successful outcomes in a variety of survival situations.  Taught by instructors with years of experience in survival and search and rescue, this course is perfect for anyone wanting to increase their understanding and become more prepared.​


Active Shooter Survival Workshop

Overview The Active Shooter Survival Workshop combines the same core curriculum as Active Shooter Survival with practical exercises for an even more in-depth training experience. Students attending the course get to actually apply what they learn hands-on to further increase their awareness and ability to react. This class is perfect for anyone wanting a complete active shooter training package.


Active Shooter Survival

Overview Active Shooter Survival is designed to be a comprehensive overview class to help people prepare for and survive active shooter incidents. Based on real world statistics and tactics from law enforcement and the security industry, this class is perfect for anyone wanting to become more informed and better trained.​   For Online Instructor-Led Courses: Zoom Client for Meetings


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