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CPR Frequently Asked Questions

All classes include certification card in class fee.
All Course Completion Cards are valid for 2 years.
HSI Course Completion Cards are available immediately upon completion of course.

Q: AHA, Red Cross, HSI/ASHI; what does it all mean, and which is better?
-AHA = American Heart Association. They are the governing agency that regulates CPR science and protocols. They provide the highest quality of training available, but as a result AHA courses tend to be both long and expensive.

-Red Cross = American Red Cross. They are a very well known CPR and First Aid training brand nationally and internationally. Since 2016 they have been working jointly with American Heart Association to create equivalency in their classes to AHA standards and practices. As a result their classes are high quality, but like AHA can be longer and more expensive than comparable HSI classes.

-HSI = Health & Safety Institute.  HSI includes brands like American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) and MEDIC First Aid, that provides a level of training comparable to AHA and Red Cross.  HSI training is based on AHA science and protocols as well as other established guidelines, and therefore is accepted as a premier form of training. It is the best choice for those who are budget conscious, or those that simply need a certification without a lot of extra frills.  The bulk of TSI CPR classes are HSI.

Q: How long are course completion cards good for?
A: Unless otherwise stated, course completion cards are good for 2 years.

Q: I need to renew my CPR certification, how do I do that?
A: Most CPR and First Aid courses do not offer a separate renewal, so they must be retaken in full or challenged. (Contact us for more information about challenging a CPR course). AHA BLS does offer a shorter renewal course for renewing.

Q: Do I need to have a current CPR provider card to take a renewal course?
A: Yes, to qualify for a renewal course, you must have a current CPR provider card. The provider card must be the same CPR type that you are wanting to renew.

Q: What is included in the class price?
A: The cost of taking the class itself, as well as the cost of the course completion card are all included in the class price. For ASHI and MEDIC First Aid classes, a digital course workbook is also included in the class price. For AHA courses, Student Manuals are required for the class and can be purchased when checking out, or you can provide your own. Student Manuals must be 2015 or newer to be accepted.

Q: Are course materials digital or printed?
A: Most AHA courses have physical printed Student Manuals (Although digital ones are available), while most ASHI and MEDIC First Aid courses use digital books.

Q: If I fail a class, do I get a refund?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds to students who fail a class. However we will work with any student, within the confines of the policies of the specific class, to help them so that they have the best opportunity to succeed.