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Video Productions

Kit Corner is a web video series produced with the purpose of giving comprehensive and honest reviews of gear and equipment. The goal of these reviews is to help anyone looking to make a purchase, either for duty or personal use, make an informed decision without having to go through the effort of trying it out themselves.

Practical Tactical Shooter is a web video series produced with the purpose of introducing people to practical firearm skills, as well as advanced tactical handling and usage. In addition, it covers firearm related reviews of equipment and gear.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is a web video series that takes practical tips and tricks and applies them to help viewers survive an outbreak of the undead. In addition to skills and techniques, gear is also often examined. Zombie Emergency Response Organization (Z.E.R.O.) TSI Command uses zombie as a metaphor for emergency situations ranging from street attacks to natural disasters and everything in between (including zombie apocalypse).

Survival Guide is web video series produced with the purpose of giving people a basic working knowledge of outdoor, wilderness, and situational survival skills and techniques. The goal being to help people get a better understanding of these techniques so that if they ever find themselves in a survival situation, they will be better prepared to face it.

Average Joe Survival is a web video series produced with the purpose of talking about everyday survival themes, covering tips and tricks, practical skills, and surviving on a budget. In contrast to Survival Guide, Average Joe Survival covers the practical aspects of everyday survival, and shows that you don’t have to be rich to survive.

60 Second Survival is a web video series that provides survival tips in a minute or less.  Tips are quick and informative, meant to give the viewer useful information without all the fluff.