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Occupational Health & Safety Training

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Traffic Incident Management (TIM)

National TIM Responder Training Program Traffic Incident Management consists of a planned and coordinated multi-disciplinary process to detect, respond to and clear traffic incidents so that traffic flow may be restored as safely and quickly as possible. TIM Responder Training brings together personnel across the responder spectrum to build a stronger, more coordinated corps at the local and national level. ​ This course is taught by an ODOT certified TIM Instructor.   For Online Instructor-Led Courses: Zoom Client for Meetings The ability to receive Emails (certificate sent via Email)


Fire Extinguisher Training

Overview Fire extinguishers are everywhere, but do you actually know how to use one? This course is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher. The course also covers topics relevant to fires and fire extinguishers. At the end of the class, students get an opportunity to actually put out a real fire using an extinguisher. The hands-on exercise sets this course apart from other extinguisher training and ensures students come away more knowledgeable and prepared. PLEASE NOTE: This course requires a signed Liability Waiver


Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)

Overview Bloodborne Pathogens is a complete training package for anyone needing certification in bloodborne pathogens for their job or place of work. This no-nonsense course saves time and money by only focusing on relevant topics, and meets all of the OSHA requirements for a BBP training course. Online Courses: After checkout you will receive an email with a link to take the online portion of this course.  Emails are typically sent within 24-28 hours, but may take longer on holidays or business closure days. PLEASE NOTE: For Online Courses you will need to select the booking date of "January 01, 9999". This course has been updated to the most recent HSI Guidelines.  Certification cards are good for 1 year.


Active Shooter Survival Workshop

Overview The Active Shooter Survival Workshop combines the same core curriculum as Active Shooter Survival with practical exercises for an even more in-depth training experience. Students attending the course get to actually apply what they learn hands-on to further increase their awareness and ability to react. This class is perfect for anyone wanting a complete active shooter training package.


Active Shooter Survival

Overview Active Shooter Survival is designed to be a comprehensive overview class to help people prepare for and survive active shooter incidents. Based on real world statistics and tactics from law enforcement and the security industry, this class is perfect for anyone wanting to become more informed and better trained.​   For Online Instructor-Led Courses: Zoom Client for Meetings


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